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January 8, 2008

Helping call representatives improve: Step by step tutorial

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Almost every business has employees that use the phone to interface with customers. These employees represent your company to your customers and the better job they do at making customers happy, the more loyal customers you will have. So how can you help your call representatives improve?

I’ll show you 3 ways to do this using a call recording system. I’m using VS Logger3.2, call recording software from Versadial in this example. These are simple methods for using a call recorder to improve your company’s customer service:

  1. Email example recordings to your call reps.
  2. Let call reps access their own recordings with custom notes.
  3. Use a grading system to help call reps improve systematically.

First you can email example recordings to your call reps. This is the simplest way to start. Simply have a supervisor or a senior call representative search through your call recordings every few days or weeks and find a good example of customer service. The recording you select should illustrate some aspect of good customer service and how you want things done. This call recording can then be emailed as a WAV file to all the call reps in your organization or department. This is a simple way to train your call reps on how things should be handled, and will also increase moral by giving praise to the call rep who’s recording was selected and creating a desire by others to be selected in the coming days or weeks. It can create positive competition among your employees for this recognition.

In VS Logger it’s easy to listen to all the call recordings for a particular date range…say in the last week, and then email a copy of a selected recording. In the screenshot below you can see a list of recordings in the left hand window. You just double click on one to listen to it. Once you’ve found your winner you simply click on the small letter icon in the top right and your email program will be opened with a WAV file of the recording exported and attached for you. Type in your message and send it to all your call reps in one easy step.

send recording as email

You can encourage more participation if you ask call reps to evaluate what they liked about the call. Or you could send out your top 3 recordings and ask them to vote for which one they think best represents good customer service. Here’s an example of VS Logger sending out the email with the WAV file attached. Note the small file size.

sending email

The second method is to give your call reps access to their own recordings and let them use custom notes. By doing this you let them review their own calls for information that might otherwise be forgotten, or entered wrong. In VS Logger a call rep could search through their own recordings, and add custom notes to important ones while they were on the call, or afterwards. They could then check the accuracy of the information they entered on the computer while on the call, or verify important verbal agreements. This is especially helpful when a client disputes what was said on a call. The call rep can easily listen to the past conversation and if necessary, email a copy of the conversation to the client to diffuse any conflict. It’s a very inoffensive way for a customer to realize they were wrong.

In VS Logger all you have to do to attach custom notes is to click on a recording to select it, then click on the little note pad icon in the upper right corner. Once you’ve added a note to a recording you can search by any keyword in that note to quickly find it again.

add custom note

The third option is to implement a call grading system. In this scenario a supervisor listens to a percentage of all calls and evaluates them using a simple grading process that allows call reps to see what they need to improve in. This program can be used to provide performance reviews on a regular basis by generating an average score for the review period and comparing it with the average score from previous periods or department averages. The key to this method is that it is very quick for a supervisor to grade on several key points like friendliness, asking for data, upselling, etc. Call reps can look at all their calls and see their average scores. This allows them to decide to improve in their weakest areas or can provide ideas for management on what types of training would be most effective.

VS Logger makes this easy as you can quickly make your own grading criteria and then to grade a call you simply selected it, and click on the “A+” icon in the upper right corner. A grading menu appears at the bottom and asks you to rank each call based on the criteria you selected, then saves your results.

grade calls


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