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April 4, 2007

Call recording for Security

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This last week, Steve and I attended the huge ISC West trade show and convention in Las Vegas. There were over 16,000 people in attendance and even with 3 days we were unable to go by every booth at the show! Security has progressively become a more and more important topic for companies and the attendance at this show displayed the myriad ways companies are using to protect themselves, their employees and their profits.

Video cameras, and alarms are what most business people think of when considering security. However these are really only useful for the rare catastrophic situations that thankfully don’t often occur. Call recording provides more day to day security and liability protection. For the majority of businesses, crime is a rare problem, however, angry customers, lawsuit threats, and inappropriate phone calls are a much more common occurrence. For some companies these security threats are weekly or even daily. For this reason a call recorder can increase security and reduce your liability right away!

One of our customers runs a cement company and uses his call recorder to easily diffuse argumentative customers every week. Usually this happens when an order is made over the phone and later the details of the order are disputed by the customer. Our customer simply emails the recording of the call to the client in one click with our software and the situation is over. This saves him from having to eat costs and from losing clients every week. Of course this customer also has an alarm system and video cameras guarding his site but these security measures are only employed once every few years as opposed to the call recorder which pays for itself every week. This is the reason why I believe call recording should be the first item on your company’s security check list.


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