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November 27, 2006

Grokking the situation through call recordings

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OK, I admit I had no idea what “Grokking” meant 2 hours ago. (Thank you Wikipedia for bailing me out.) While I was reading the Federated Media blog I encountered the word which means to understand something so fully it becomes part of you and changes your perspective. Read the Wikipedia entry for a more full description of “grok” and its semantics here. What I’m getting at is that call recordings have this purpose at their core…to put you in the situation as if you were actually there. This is one of the big reasons why businesses record their calls. Let’s say a customer calls in and speaks with a service rep and there is some sort of problem. Rather than have the service rep try to describe the conversation based on their memory and then have a supervisor make a decision based upon that limited and likely biased information, with a call recorder that particular call can be easily found, and listened to by the supervisor who now understands the situation as if they were there! Now not only can a decision be made with all the facts, but the supervisor might better determine the root problem, and ways to address this in the future. This kind of problem solving requires the kind of up-close and personal understanding that only call recordings can provide. Business people have to make judgement calls all the time with limited information in “he said, she said” scenarios. Here is a simple way to not only make more accurate judgement calls, but also to understand the situation as it transpired and find ways to solve it at the root. This is why I chose to use a word that’s new to me to describe what call recording can do for your management process.


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